About our Farm


We started Wildflower Farm because we wanted to continue a family tradition of farming and contribute to local and sustainable food production in our native Fingerlakes Region of New York.  We raise belted Galloway cattle, a heritage breed known for excellent marbling and flavor and especially well-suited for finishing on pasture.  Our animals live outdoors year-round with free access to shelter.  During the growing season they eat only pasture forages, and during winter months they are fed local hay.  We use no growth hormones or routine antibiotics in our meat production.  Our animals are processed at nearby Schrader Farms, a modern, USDA inspected and animal welfare certified slaughterhouse in Romulus NY.  In our management practices, we put care of the earth, the environment, and the animals foremost in our priorities.  The results are healthy animals and delicious meat.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase our home-grown beef, please contact us at jeb.mead@gmail.com or (607) 592-1281.

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